Everyone needs a blueprint, the right tools, and resources to access pathways for perpetual success!


Our vision is to be a free-standing, independent, unbeholden generator and sustainer of academic and skill trade success for students. That success will empower local, national, and global innovations and freedom from institutional and systemic bondage that impact vulnerable and underrepresented populations.  



To bring good news to the humble and afflicted, to bind up the wounds of poverty, lack of education, lack of affordable housing, lack of financial equity, and lack of urban justice to brokenhearted youth and adults. To free high school dropouts, those aging out of foster care, veterans, returning citizens, and prisoners through a holistic approach releasing youth and adults from confinement and condemnation.

Core Values






Core Principles

All youth and adults can contribute to society in meaningful ways if given opportunities to demonstrate their skills and compassion.

All youth and adults can participate in YouthBuild initiatives and rebuild their communities. 

All youth and adults are needed to supplant Trade Craft Workers who are retiring or leaving their careers. 

All youth and adults must be involved in creating and developing new industrial ideas, innovations, and methods. 

Construction of affordable homes and buildings that are environmentally sensitive. 

Enhance healthier communities and cleaner resources to sustain human life and productivity.


We have been in business since 2015, have over 25 years of experience, and we are fully accredited and certified by a wide range of institutions:


  • Department of Labor

  • Skills USA

  • St. Charles Public School


  • Mi Cem

  • Carpenters and Mill Rights Union

  • Electricians Union

  • YouthBuild USA

  • Delta College


Our work has been recognized by a host of organizations and communities:

  • Department of Labor

  • Delta College

  • The State of Michigan

  • Congress

  • Unions

  • Huntington, IL

Working Throughout the Area

We host a number of events throughout the year. Including:

  • Congressional Youth Summit

  • Jail Ministry "Come Out, Stay Out"

  • Meet Up and Eat Up - Summer Feeding Program

We also offer driver training for anyone who needs to get their driver's license.

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